The following are testimonials from past or current participating families in the Healthy Families Baltimore County program:

“I decided to participate in services to help my daughter get the help that she needs and to use the support they provide. Healthy Families showed me how to take care of my daughter, make sure that she was safe, and recognize signs she gives me so that I can meet her needs. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact thing that I enjoyed most because the entire program is a continued experience of enjoyment. I am always learning something new. I would strongly encourage others to participate in the program and am grateful that I was introduced to Healthy Families!”

“I was in Healthy Families in another state before I participated in home visiting services here. The program has been phenomenal! It has helped me increase my knowledge about parenting and understand my daughter. I have built my self-esteem and confidence through my worker’s encouraging words. I have enjoyed the visits. My worker is very respectful and she always understands my point of view, as well as allowing me to view things from a different perspective. This is a great program and everyone should try it out and take advantage of its benefits.”

“The program sounded very interesting so I decided to participate. It has helped me to communicate with others and to become a better mom as well as a better person. I enjoy the weekly visits, conversations and education.”

“Healthy Families has been helpful because they have different groups you can go to and meet new people. They talk to you about different things as far as helping with children. I enjoy the activities for the children and also for myself.”

“Healthy Families came at just the right time. They have been helpful by sharing information about healthcare while I was pregnant and sharing information about the baby because it had been six years. I know the program is for the baby, but they are interested in my health, whether I’m happy or sad. I am very happy…I’ve gotten furniture and healthcare for myself and daughter. I know that if I need something I can call and ask a question.”