A provider knows that a child in her center needs a little extra help to thrive, but she isn’t sure where to turn. She feels certain that with some additional training and support she could come up with creative ideas to build an inclusive environment. She struggles to find affordable professional development opportunities to expand her skills and provide customized support to each child.

Abilities Network Project ACT is her solution. Project ACT provides training to over 6000 early childhood professionals per year. Annually, coaching and mentoring is provided to hundreds of educators and caregivers to support their professional development needs, having a positive impact on the children they care for daily.

Project ACT supports early childhood professionals in managing challenging behaviors among children and promoting healthy social and emotional development so that all children are prepared for school and can be included successfully in their community settings. Services include: professional development, coaching and mentoring, early childhood mental health and behavioral consultation, special needs training and technical assistance, and special education advocacy and support.