Founded in 1964 by passionate physicians and parents, Abilities Network has a long-standing history as an organization that assists individuals in Maryland to achieve their personal goals and reach their maximum potential through customized support and community. As a credited 501(c)(3)nonprofit,  Abilities Network's mission is to challenge the community to acknowledge the value and equality of people of all abilities.

We support children, adults, families, and seniors who are affected by a variety of at-risk factors, including a diagnosed disability, lack of environmental supports, low-socioeconomic levels, and limited knowledge about resources and/or the capacity to access them.

Through Project Act, we offer extensive training opportunities to families, child care providers, teachers and community members with the goal of fostering inclusion and helping those that struggle with education thrive.

Our Move Management program and monthly Speaker Series provide resources and information to help seniors move through their next phase of life with more ease.

Abilities Network’s Healthy Families Baltimore County (HFBC) program has been serving families since 1999 by giving them the community, information, and resources they need to have healthy babies and strong families.

Through Abilities Network’s Community and Employment Partners program we are able to help those with disabilities live a full life with independent living and employment services. Our services are customized to provide individuals and families with choices to help them accomplish more.

All of our programs are united by our philosophy of working one on one with the individuals we serve in their homes, workplaces, and communities where we all live.

Our Mission

Cultivating inclusive communities through relationships, innovation and high-quality services.


Our Core Values

Respect - Valuing diverse perspectives, open communication and independent choice

Well-being - Fostering joy, resilience and self-compassion by investing in staff and the people we serve

Reflection - Being curious, evaluating experiences and learning with each other

Courage - Taking risks, challenging bias and pursing solutions with integrity and tenacity