Abilities Network’s Healthy Families Baltimore County (HFBC) program has been serving families since 1999. Our evidence-based home visiting program is accredited by Healthy Families America and partners with parents to provide individualized information and support that leads to positive outcomes for children and their families. Services are available to Baltimore County residents that live within specified areas and are provided regardless of whether the family includes a person with a disability.

Our goal is to help parents create supportive environments to ensure that:

  • Babies are born healthy – Parents who choose to receive services learn how to improve their chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.
  • Children grow up healthy – Families who participate in home visits obtain information about health and safety practices, as well as support with ensuring that all family members receive proper medical care and live in an environment that is physically safe.
  • Children enter school ready to learn – Home visitors provide early screening for developmental delays and support parents with teaching their children basic skills that help them succeed in school.
  • Families live in safe and stable homes – Parents work with staff to set goals and utilize resources to find housing, education and employment opportunities. Families receive support with developing and maintaining positive relationships in order to decrease incidences of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence.
  • Children and families live in supportive communities – Home visitors support parents with advocating for the needs of their families.  HFBC collaborates with other community service agencies to provide resources and information that will improve outcomes for all families.

We provide services to families that live within Baltimore County.

Parents who are expecting a child or have just given birth and live in Baltimore County are eligible for services. Families can refer themselves or they can be referred by another community service provider. If interested in making a referral, please contact us at 410-828-7700.

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