Healthy Families Baltimore County

A young woman, with a baby on the way, has no support system and no idea how to be a parent or provide a safe, healthy home to her infant. Without resources or role models available to her, she in danger of putting herself and her unborn child at risk, potentially making mistakes that may jeopardize her own and her child’s future potential.

Abilities Network actively assists over 200 families (parents, grandparents, and siblings) with babies in Baltimore County neighborhoods.

Children from families with incomes below the federal poverty level are at a higher rate of having developmental disabilities.   Our early and consistent support to these families and children allows them to prosper in safe, stable homes and enter school ready to learn. Providing one on one in-home support, our Family Support Workers teach new mothers and fathers how to develop supportive, enriching parenting practices that can greatly help their families reach their full potential.

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Project ACT (All Children Together)

A parent just received the 4th call this week from their child’s pre-school to pick him up. The child care staff have reported, “We just can’t handle his disruptive behavior!” Mom and Dad are desperate and on the verge of losing their jobs for a lack of stable child care. They have no idea where to turn.

Each year Abilities Network’s Project ACT provides consultation to support the inclusion of children with developmental delays, mental health, and behavioral challenges in their early education and care settings. Over 6,000 early childhood professionals receive training and consultation annually to better include children of all abilities in their classrooms.

Nationwide, 17% of children have a developmental or behavioral disability, like autism spectrum disorders, but only 50% are identified before starting school, missing out on early intervention. Preschool age children are suspended or expelled at 3x the rate of their school-age peers. Project ACT provides free consultation and support to prevent expulsion, support inclusion, and provide resources to families and caregivers. This enables parents to maintain employment and provide a stable home and school environment for their children.

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