Community Living

Ben is 30 and has always lived with his Mom. As his Mom starts to plan for her retirement she is starting to wonder what Ben’s future will look like as well. He hasn’t really “cooked”, followed a budget, paid bills, or maintained home upkeep.

Abilities Network supports over 250 adults state-wide with Community Living goals. We collaborate with each individual and build our customized support plans considering their personal strengths, needs, and preferences. We promote independence in problem-solving, social interactions, and the use of community-based resources to break down barriers.

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Employment Services

A student has just finished school at age 21. With so many options for services in front of her, she and her family have many questions. What will a day program offer her? How will she manage a new job with so much to learn? How will she become independent and potentially live on her own in the future?

90% of the people served through Abilities Network, who are want to work, are employed in a business within their own community. Our staff support people to identify their goals of working, meeting new people, trying new things, and living independently. We want to empower individuals in feeling optimistic about their future.

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