For the past 50 years, Abilities Network been transforming the lives of individuals and families in need, by giving them the opportunity to reach their full potential. Our community-based, individualized and impactful programs provide the necessary support to break down barriers.

Unfortunately, the economic downturn has increased disparities between people with and without disabilities, and state and county waiting lists for early intervention, community and employment services are growing. While budgets are debated, thousands of individuals with these challenges do not have access to the resources they need.

In order for us to continue to help people thrive across Maryland, we need your help.

The impact of Abilities Network:

  • “I support Abilities Network because the mission is personally meaningful to me. The vulnerable members of our community need support and there is no better agency to provide that support than Abilities Network.” –Tina Beliveau, Donor
  • “Abilities Network helps me with accessing the choices that are available to me in my community” – Stephen H., Community Partners
  • “I support Abilities Network because I want to see my community grow and see every single person reach their goals in life, and I think the work that this organization does is the way to see that dream become a reality.” -Rachel Ungvarsky, Abilities Network Intern
  • “I think Abilities Network is great! They help me try new things and my life is better because of that.” – Brian C., Community Partners
  • “I support Abilities Network because it is a service provider with a civil rights backbone. Abilities Network provides crucial support services to individuals whose needs make them vulnerable, but approaches its mission with respect for the individuals it serves and for their autonomy. The organization understands that charity is not justice, that people with disabilities and people who are vulnerable because of poverty or age must receive the supports and services they need to be full members of their communities, and that anything less is not true equality. As a disability rights attorney and as the parent of a daughter with significant disabilities, this is why I choose to be an Abilities Network board member and to support this organization.” –Leslie Seid Margolis, Board member.

Because Abilities Network exists, Maryland’s childcare centers, schools, employers, recreational opportunities, and the community at large are empowered to better include the individuals we serve. Additionally, those individuals are equipped with the independence and the skills to succeed in their everyday lives. Help us continue to better the community and consider making a gift today!