Community Living

Abilities Network customizes our supports in order to address the personal strengths, needs, preferences, and desires of the individuals we assist. Developing a clear understanding of each person’s abilities, we expand upon those existing skills to promote independence in problem-solving, social interactions, use of community-based resources, and motivation to achieve identified goals.

Meet Linda.

Linda has been working closely and supported by her Abilities Network team since 2005. Linda enjoyed growing up in Cumberland, MD where both her parents are now buried and she can visit their cemetery nearby. Linda has many friends and family in the area and corresponds regularly with them. She also attends the Catholic churches of Allegany county and enjoys sharing cards with her clergy and businesses she frequents. 

Linda’s main priority is to continue residing independently in her own home and, with the assistance of her Abilities Network staff and team, she is able to do just that.

Attending her appointments, managing her schedule, meal planning and shopping are just some of the many ways our staff support Linda. We also extensively help her with managing her finances- an area Linda has specifically requested support with. Whether it is setting up auto bill payments, questioning bills and fees of service, paying bills in a timely manner, and budgeting accordingly for items she may need, Abilities Network has supported her step by step throughout.

This past year, like for so many, was particularly toug and due to social isolation Linda became a bit weak. With the assistance of her CSP, she met with her doctor and had home OT/PT ordered.  Regular therapy helped Linda gain her strength back and now practices those daily exercises on her own with some minor prompting.  After seeking a recommendation from her doctor she even managed to get vaccinated against COVID-19, and is now on her way back to her original spirited and cheerful self.

Abilities Network offers many ways in which individuals can benefit from our services, including learning about skills development, increased independence, and personalized advocacy.

The goals that individuals can work on are unlimited. Here are just a few:

  • Housing location/resources
  • Meal preparation assistance
  • Household chores support
  • Assistance to access medical care
  • Transportation support
  • Safety/emergency preparedness
  • Budgeting/finances
  • Making choices for healthy living
  • Building social skills