“Wonderful ideas, gives you an incentive to try new materials or use a familiar one in new ways” – Child Care Provider.

“Our trainer was personable, believable, and good at presenting knowledge to us” – Shirley M.

“Best training ever!” – Stacie B.

“Lots of fun, moving around and discussions” Child Care Provider.

“How good the trainer interacted and explained with understanding how to build a great relationship with a child” – Hilda M.

Teachers Pay Teachers

“Simple social stories are hard to find. This [Social Story – My Friend] is a keeper” – Shellie Ann.

“Thank you for a great item [Social Story – I Can Use My Words] to use with my students! Highly recommended” – Marcia C.

“This [Intro to Inclusion] was so thought provoking. Especially saying this person has a disability, rather than this student is whatever disability they have. I have never thought about it that way. It is going to take some time to go over the slides but they have helped me so much so far. Thanks” – Buyer.

In regards to Cool Down Strategy Cards: “ I love the strategies this social story provides for students when they get upset. I read it to one of my social groups who are having issues with what to do when they are upset” – Buyer.

“[Cool down strategy cards is an] awesome tool for calming down in classroom and in public!” – Elizabeth P.

“Love these [Visual Classroom Schedule Cards]. I will be using them in my classroom this year. Thank you!” – Buyer. 

Behavioral Consultation Services

“I am highly impressed by this service and it helped our son and the aftercare program tremendously. Our specialist was wonderful and very knowledgeable” Parent.

“It was very obvious that [the inclusion specialist] truly cared about our son and we can’t express how invaluable the help was during some difficult times. To see how far [he] has come is amazing and it was a blessing for us to have had [her] as a partner in this journey” Parent.

“A sincere and heartfelt thank you for all your time and effort with [our son] (and us as his parents) this year. We have appreciated your steady presence, professional perspective and guidance in propelling [our son’s] learning and social growth. You played a pivotal role in helping launch [him] to success…and for that we are so grateful” Parent.

“This was a wonderful program for my daughter. [The inclusion specialist] set the stage before school began to ensure a smooth transition for my daughter where she could feel comfortable and be able to succeed” Parent.

“Project ACT held a meeting with [my son’s] teacher, the school’s director, and myself to discuss his progress and goals for the future. This was a very helpful meeting” Parent.

“[The inclusion specialists] provided a clear plan for how to help this little boy and after just a couple of months the child improved greatly…Thanks for all you do for us and the children” Director.

“Project ACT provided items to use in the classroom such as the visual timer [and] great strategies for teachers and the family to everyone is consistent….They explained what was going on in detail so that we could better understand the child” Teacher.