Testimonials from Individuals in Services:

“With Abilities Network I get to interact with people and make a difference in the quality of my life. I like being able to have freedom within my community as well as having goals that are for me and flexible if things change. My team is great and they help set a good example for me. My life wouldn’t be the same without them” – C.H.

“When I moved to my own apartment, the team helped me throughout the entire process like looking for an area to move in, setting up my bills, taking me grocery shopping and helping me cook. I am very happy about living on my own for the first time. I feel like my Abilities Network team is always there for me and that makes me happy” – K.S.

“I had to have a surgery due to a medical condition. Abilities Network helped me with all of my medical appointments. After my surgery, staff was extremely supportive and helped me with scheduling all of my follow-up care. I enjoy working with the staff; they’ve helped me with every transition in my life” – B.K.

“If it weren’t for Abilities Network being apart of my life, I would not have any help or transportation to live independently. I get to go bike riding, fishing and bowling. I also get to go to fairs, movies, out to eat and art class” – R.M. 

Testimonials from Employers:CEP_Employment Services for Employers_Testimonials

“April comes in everyday happy and ready to go. She works from the time she walks in the door until she leaves. April’s very capable of doing a lot of stuff. She’s definitely been a good employee. It’s a good hire. It’s a good situation” – Stephen Rackley, Michael’s.

“Having Andrew and Abilities Network has been a blessing. Andrew is sometimes apprehensive when trying new things but with support from Abilities Network job coaches, Andrew has really excelled.  Andrew has a glowing presence in the office and really makes everyone smile. He can turn anyone’s day around” – Rhonda Kotowski, American Cancer Society.