Our Services

EpilepsyTalk_CroppedSeizure Man is the Epilepsy Foundation’s super hero used to educate students in kindergarten through 2nd grade. The epilepsy educator will use the seizure man literature in an interactive format to help students understand epilepsy and gain knowledge of proper seizure first aid. This presentation is used to help the students remove fear and create acceptance of people with seizures.

  • Take Charge is an epilepsy awareness program targeting teenagers in middle and high school. It’s designed to take place in one class period. This is an effort to educate teens, dispel myths and reduce the perceived stigma associated with epilepsy.
  • Kids on the Block is a program geared for students grades 3-5 to understand and accept those individuals with disabilities. This education puppet presentation teaches the student understanding and acceptance of people with disabilities. The star puppet, Brian McDaniel, is a 12-year-old boy who has epilepsy. Scripts with lively dialogue and situations involving Brian and his other puppet friends explain epilepsy and proper seizure first aid.
  • School Nurse Training: Managing Students with Seizures is a three-hour long training is designed to provide resources and supplementary materials that will assist the school nurse with better managing and supporting students with seizures and epilepsy. The training will also prepare the school nurse to educate their school personnel about epilepsy. Click here to take the online training.
  • School Personnel is a one-hour long training program that teaches seizure recognition and first aid. The training provides essential information for anyone working with students with epilepsy in a social and academic atmosphere.

To schedule a school education program, contact Director of Epilepsy Services Mary Wontrop at mwontrop@abilitiesnetwork.org.