Epilepsy Education

  • Seniors & Seizures is a one-hour long training designed for Adult Day Center staff to recognize seizure activity and provide appropriate seizure first aid. The training is intended to identify the differences between seniors with other diagnosis’ (Alzheimer’s & Dementia) and epilepsy.
  • Law Enforcement: Epilepsy and Seizure Response for Law Enforcement is a 45-minute presentation that aims to train law enforcement on seizure recognition, correct response to seizures, and awareness of the unique needs of people with epilepsy who might be taken into police custody.
  • Epilepsy Seizure Recognition and First Aid Training provides general information about epilepsy so that the participant will acquire an understanding of the nature of seizures and epilepsy. After completing the training, participants will have the skills to recognize the four most common types of seizures and provide proper first aid for someone having a seizure. This training can be modified to accommodate nearly any time frame 30 minutes to two hours. The trainer will modify the training for specific audiences, such as staff working individuals with disabilities, employees who work with the public and community groups. Monthly trainings are held at Abilities Network headquarters.

To schedule an epilepsy education training, contact Director of Epilepsy Services Mary Wontrop at mwontrop@abilitiesnetwork.org.